Marina Salmaso


Marina Salmaso breaks with tradition in two senses, both as an artist constantly challenging the limits between genres by creating new combinations

and as an individual who has consciously escaped from her Northern Italian petit bourgeois background.


Marina Salmaso's professional background is in graphics and many of her works are inspired by a graphic world - the production of artist's books,

stamps and mail art involving many graphic effects.


Her works are, to a certain extent, concerned with identity, nationality and borders. This classic existentialism is the foundation of the platform

for the themes that she creates and in many of the connections in which she exhibits.


She is transgressive regarding norms, with an insistent focus on the immediate, and has a Fluxus attitude towards the art piece as a product.

Works of recycled materials and added iconic print elements, put in the context of an acute angle, express a protesting and literally distanced approach.